Admiring traditional crafts (this one’s for my crafty friends)

Throughout Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia, we’ve had many opportunities to enjoy the traditional craftwork of the nomads. It really is inspirational, and just makes me want to get on with some weaving and stitching. The felting I will mostly leave to the experts…but painting again is another future plan!

So this is a collection of arts and crafts enjoyed so far. The bazaar today in Bishkek was overwhelming! There is one bazaar here consisting of over 10,000 container “shops”! The hours, days, months spent making some of these items, means they really are priceless! The colours are bright, there are sequins, ribbons, velvet, chiffon…a virtual Aladdin’s cave…or was it the Silk Road?

Very fancy headwear
A singer looking for a new outfit
Shyrdaks and hats in Osh Bazaar, Bishkek
Container full of wool in the markets and felted hats in Karakol
Felted vests, cushions, and slippers, Karakol
Steps in making a felted piece.

4 thoughts on “Admiring traditional crafts (this one’s for my crafty friends)

  1. Wow, wow, wow!!!! Absolutely gorgeous work!!! Love it all, especially the paintings. Please tell me you bought some little trinket!!!!


    • Um, well not exactly! I bought a beautiful vest. And Lionel has about three t-shirts now! We went to the Bazaar and it was just overwhelming…no real ethnic jewellery as yet…but still plenty of time!


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