Katmandu #1

Our plane was two hours late leaving Sydney, so we were very relieved to make our connection in China (with China Southern Airlines πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘) for Kathmandu.

It was raining and dark when we finally left the airport and found a cab to take us to Shambaling Boutique Hotel. A much classier abode than when I was here last time in 1976 with Dayasagar!

The city is still recovering from earthquake damage, the streets are in need of repair and the traffic makes it difficult to cross the road at times!

We walked to Bodhnath Stupa today and later visited Durbar Square, which is the old part of town that I remember from the last visit. (The city seems to have expanded somewhat in forty years!) So much damage to these beautiful old temples, it’s going to take a while to repair…still it is a magnificent sight and the prayer flags are glorious.

Bodhnath StupaBuses are still running to Varanasi, Dayasagar!

Durbar Square, lots of poles propping up buildingsThis one’s for you Lionel!

4 thoughts on “Katmandu #1

  1. You look very relaxed Chris.
    Wouldn’t like to be a technician with all those wires, this one’s connected to that one, connected to that one etc etc etc.


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