On the way to Bisley

We left Chester and headed towards Shrewsbury. We’d missed the weekend Folk Festival, which was a shame, but as Lionel keeps telling me, you can’t see everything!

We had been told that the aqueduct at Wrexham was worth a look, it’s actually in Wales. That presented another challenge as the Welsh signage was above the English and by the time I read it, we were often past out turn-off!

We stayed in a farmhouse in Upper Eyton, it was a lovely relaxing place to sit in the garden.

We finally did get to Bisley, after quite a few wrong turns. Lionel spent six months here back in 1978, and was keen to catch up with an old friend. It was gorgeous, like stepping back in time. Steve has a large garden and his brother has a dog Georgie, who spends most of his time in the huge yard. I really warmed to Georgie…he had adorable eyes!

The Bear Inn, his old watering hole
The local school, his Aunty Julie taught there for 28 years.
Some things are universal
Steve’s back garden
View from Steve’s house