A quiet ride through the countryside

Yangshuo, China

Last night we went to an outdoor light show…in the pouring rain…they gave us ponchos! It was amazing, a few hundred performers on boats and piers with the karsts lit up in the background…sadly the photos just look like some lights! It was about nature, the seasons and a love story I think…no idea really, but it was impressive. So today we hired bikes for a total of six dollars and rode off into the countryside…after negotiating the traffic through the city roundabout! We took a few wrong turns…the map wasn’t very accurate, but ended up at a pier to cross on a ferry to go to Fuli Village Markets. Lots of fascinating ( and some gruesome) things to look at…it was very busy and full of colourful vegetables, toys, meats, fish, baskets and everything else you can think of…very similar to Paddy’s Market really. It was hot work riding the bikes, I don’t like gears so I needed to walk a few times. Lionel ” sailed” past on his gear driven bike regularly! We think we did about 15 km on the bikes today…my knees are telling me it was a long way!

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