Abana to Amasra by local bus

Amasra, Turkey

Well it took us half a day to reach Abana, a small coastal town on the way to Amasra…glad we didn’t try to do it all in one day! Nothing much happening there…in fact the resort was under construction, no one around to discuss onward journey plans and my ipad decided to stop working! Major panic…considering it had all the hotel bookings saved and everyone’s contact details etc…. We found a ticket office and after much shaking of heads the young man told us to be there by 8am for the bus to Kastamanou…after that he couldn’t help us! A new day and of course the iPad came good, but the Fitbit didn’t! We caught five buses…all connecting within five minutes and the drivers/ conductors all knew where we were going! Amasra is fabulous, worth the seven hours it took us to reach. Two small harbours, plenty to see and we swam in the Black Sea today! It was freezing…Lionel said parts of his anatomy went into shock!

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