Laughing with Lionel (occasional jokes)

So Lionel told this to Guntulkar in Mongolia…

A man buys a horse, and the seller tells him you only need a couple of instructions…1. When you want to go you say “Phew”,to go faster you say “Phew,phew” and top speed is “phew, phew, phew and 2. when you want to stop you say “whoa” the louder you say whoa the quicker it stops! So off he trots on his new horse, thinking to himself this is pretty good, I’ll go a bit faster…Phew, phew…the horse starts tearing across the open plains…yeeha!…Phew, phew, phew. He’s having a great time, this horse is fabulous…Suddenly he remembers somewhere, not too far ahead is a deep canyon!

In the distance he can see it! Whoa, he shouts, whoa whoa (louder and louder). The Canyon looms up just in front of him and with a final scream he yells whoa, whoa, whoa and the horse comes to a screeching halt, right at the edge of the gorge…he looks down, wipes the sweat from his brow and sighs…”phew!”

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