Bouncing from Langar to Bulunkul 22.7.17

After Langar the road wound up into the mountain pass. The Pamir River was far below, and many parts of the road were washed away by the ice melts or maybe landslides. The mountain scenery grew more desolate, but still in the rear we could see the snow covered peaks. Breathtaking! Parts of the road were tarred, but there were still heaps of potholes and rough edges.

As we approached Bulunkul, the isolation of this small community became apparent. The lake was beautiful, but also mosquito infested, so no one was about. The settlement was away from the lake and consisted of a number of mud brick houses. I was still feeling sick, so slept the afternoon away while Lionel went wandering about. There were lots of children out running around and laughing; the owners have three young daughters who kept coming into our room unannounced to get something and to have a sticky beak. It’s hard to imagine what the people would do here to make a living…there wasn’t much evidence of gardens…

This morning the lake reflected the mountains magnificently, so a quick photo and back into the car. On the way to Murghab we stopped to visit Daniyar’s sister in law, who lived in a yurt village. Once again we were overwhelmed by the hospitality of the people, who prepared bread, biscuits, yak butter, yogurt and the delicious cream. (There were also lots of chocolates on the plate, which the boys grabbed as soon as we left!) I asked about school, but no they don’t go. Another surprise was the baby in the cradle. I thought it was a small covered chest, but then the boys started rocking it. When we lifted the cover there was the baby, swaddled and sound asleep!

6 thoughts on “Bouncing from Langar to Bulunkul 22.7.17

  1. Yes! Although I had to check twice! She had been sleeping for a good hour and even when the boys were rocking the cradle roughly she slept on…so cute! And thanks we are feeling pretty good considering the bone jarring drive!


  2. Amazing! pictures are wonderful what an experience.
    I was thinking the same thing about the baby.
    You two have really experienced wonderful cultures and people, look forward to the next step in your adventure. Love to you both 😘


    • Thanks Cherylee, now we know what isolated communities are like! We are having a few days just relaxing in Osh, tomorrow we will be off at 6am to the border and into China…things take a while to get done! Guessing you might be somewhere north now? Look forward to seeing you both when we get home in about a month xxx Chris and Lionel


  3. Hi Chris
    Didn’t realise how to go back to start of your blog until today. Have been sitting out on our verandah and have gone through each entry and all your photos.
    This would be one of your more adventurous trips… some of the photos look so isolated and desolate. Absolutely love your photos have seen everything from brand new suburbia to ancient ruins and 1,000s or years old architecture.
    Are you going to get a chance to catch up with Jo Green.
    We are having a warm winter….some cold nights but 20 – 23 degrees during the days.
    Safe travels
    Ruth x


    • Hi Ruth, we have just arrived back at our little apartment after walking around Osh this morning. It is very hot, I am looking fwd to swimming in the lake…when we get home…as soon as it is warm enough! No we won’t see Jo in Baku. Tomorrow we head into China for the last leg. Still just under a month to go! It has been a trip of contrasts for sure! I still am in awe of the mountain ranges. The isolation of the villagers also struck me. We lead such soft lives by comparison! Will also look fwd to seeing you and having a chat and a game or two of Mahjong. Enjoy the cooler weather…I think I prefer it! Love from Chris


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