She came from Fort Worth*

*The only songs I could find were actually about leaving!

Yesterday we caught the Texas Eagle train to Fort Worth. Once again I was hoping deep down for some remnants of the old west! Like maybe a fort! It was raining when we arrived and a very strange taxi driver informed us there was absolutely nothing to eat or do near our hotel. I had checked the map and the stockyards weren’t that far away…well a mile and a half…and once we found our way, there were plenty of places to eat and drink, as well as touristy things to look at!

The cattle drive was short and sweet, down the Main Street lined with tourists. I wouldn’t want to mess with those horns! I really liked wandering around the stockyards, felt like we were on a movie set!

Some of the artworks were fabulous, could imagine I was part of the scene! Lionel just kept taking pics as I said repeatedly “this reminds me of…”

And then we found The Star Cafe, with my favourite cowboy standing out the front! The beer cup Lionel had weighed a lot! This was a place lost in time! Yay!

So Fort Worth was about the closest to the old west we have seen…no hitching rails or swinging saloon doors, but enough to keep a Western loving public happy!

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