Barcelona #3

We have walked to the waterfront a few times over the past four days. It is terrific. Lionel has been very impressed with the massive mullet swimming around near the wharf. And the seagulls are huge!

There are gigantic cruise boats anchored, a large marina with boats, yachts and catamarans in abundance. People flock to this area, and that’s not surprising. It’s like Darling Harbour in Sydney only grander!

We have walked along the seaside and watched the people baking in the sun…not many in the water, but plenty on the beaches.

There is a monument to Christopher Columbus near the harbour. We discovered you could catch a lift to the top, the views were fabulous. We also went to the Maritime Museum, it was free after 3pm.

Our last museum visit was to The Erotic Museum. It was quite interesting, and had rooms devoted to Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, Picasso, World Records, Greeks, Romans and Egyptians!

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