A week in Tang

We have had an extremely busy week at Tang Central School. It started off quietly over the weekend. We are staying only about one hundred metres from the school, so often wander down to make use of the wifi!

Saturday is washing day. There are ghos and kiras hanging everywhere to dry. The students also give themselves a thorough wash at the cold water taps. ( The boys had actually built a large fire and were boiling two huge vats, they were scooping jugs of water from it to add to their buckets.) Many more students were waiting their turn, playing marbles and enjoying the sunshine.

We passed the matron’s hostel, and a woman was sitting on the front verandah weaving.

Across the road, three little girls were bagging and carrying radishes to another huge vat to be washed ( and then bagged again) and taken to Phuntsholing near the border with India to sell. There was also meat drying in the sun.

After that we walked to the dairy, but there was no butter or yogurt because the Chanting Festival had booked it all!

On Monday morning we were told there were no classes, as the hairdresser to the king was coming to speak to the school. It was an all day workshop for the High School kids, and about twenty students had signed up to the Hairdressing Club to improve their skills. (A number of the students already cut each other’s hair!) Mr Ugyen Deepak 4, was a very entertaining man. Barb and I were invited to have lunch with him, and later in the day he cut my fringe in front of the school!

Exams are happening very soon, so we helped some of the teachers edit their papers. We continued to sort the library and special classroom, and I spent time with year 8,9 and 10 encouraging them to discuss and ask questions. We’ve had a lot of fun!

The wonderful teachers have been feeding us well this week! Not our usual one pan wonder! We have been invited out every night and enjoyed vegetables and rice straight from the gardens. Broccoli never tasted so good! Chicken has also been cooked in our honour!

2 thoughts on “A week in Tang

  1. Yes! Many of the teachers have one instead of the traditional Bukhari which is a small stove. We also have a heater, but when we arrived home in the dark on Monday night, there was no electricity! Our principal and the school electrician were balancing on our verandah railing with a torch…they fixed it!


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