Terracotta Warriors and a very busy city

Xi’an, China

We arrived in Xi’an last night about 10:30 and caught a subway into the city…relying on one word uttered by the ticket seller “Badajie”. Well, turned out to be the name of the subway stop near where our hostel was so that was a great start…if only we could get the exit right from the subway! By this time it was after 11 and still the train was full. But after much concurring with three or four locals (all wanting to drive us there in their tuk tuks) it was just down the street…we found our accommodation. In a very bustling part of town, lots to look at and great food…if anyone feels inclined to serve us!!! So today we caught a public bus to the Museum of Terracotta Warriors. That was the easy part…finding the ticket office and then the entrance was the challenge! The complex is massive, all sorts of souvenir shops, cafés and associated paraphernalia surround the actual museum. We only spent two hours there as once you have looked at the warriors in various states of repair and the three archaeological pits there is not much else to do. No doubt it was impressive though.

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