To Hong Kong by sleeper bus

Kowloon, Hong Kong

We decided to catch a sleeper bus from Yangshuo. This was a very interesting experience! No seats just three rows of bunks, about 36 passengers, no individual lights…sleeping! And lap sashes to keep you from rolling out of the very narrow bunk! Ten hours to Shenzhen, then leave the bus, find the border crossing, through customs and into Hong Kong…get onto a yellow bus…that’s all we knew! Somewhere we missed a bus connection, so we needed HK$ Before we could go any further…after searching for an ATM in three very big malls, we found a bus heading to Kowloon…glad we didn’t get a taxi! The traffic crawled along. This lovely lady on the bus googled the street we needed, and sent a text to her daughter for directions…finally we found our hotel amongst the labyrinth…very compact but comfortable…space is money in Hong Kong.

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