Bus ride to Stanley

Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

Forty odd years ago, when I first visited Hong Kong, I remembered catching a bus to Aberdeen and Stanley, which were both small villages on the far side of Hong Kong Island. So for just over $4 each, we caught a double decker bus from Tsim Sha Tsui on the Kowloon side, through the harbour tunnel and around Hong Kong Island…an hour and a half sight-seeing trip. Very inexpensive compared to the Big Bus tours. Well neither place was as I remembered it…surprise! The number of high rise buildings covering every possible patch of land is amazing. The number of new construction sites with massive, working cranes is also extensive. Stanley Markets were colourful and interesting, plenty of souvenirs to be had and T-shirts, Indian and Thai clothes etc, etc. I asked about crocheted cardigans or vests at some of the more traditional stalls, but the older women said not for a long time…oh well back to the op shops for me. We are flying out tomorrow. It seems a long time since we arrived in Beijing and walked on the wall! Over the past five weeks we have clocked up over 500,000 steps which is in excess of 300 kilometres…just walking around…not a bad effort really! Hope you have enjoyed reading about our adventures…we have taken hundreds of photos and these are just a few of them! Til next time Zaijian (goodbye) from Chris and Lionel

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