Ankara, capital city

Ankara, Turkey

We have just spent the last couple of days wandering around the capital. Yesterday we met Seyhan and her family. She was a student at Wilkins back in the 80s when Sue, Karen, Pam and I worked there. She is 40 now and living in Ankara! We spent the public holiday with Seyhan, Zeki and Kaan. They took us to Ataturk’s mausoleum (Anitkabir) and showed us the city. We had a fabulous lunch (Iskender) and afternoon tea was Baklava with Ice Cream! Yum! Today Lionel and I walked through the old part of town. We are staying inside the citadel in a restored hotel. We spent a few hours at the Anatolian Civilizations Museum. All the art and ancient history lessons came flooding back to me…cuneiform, hieroglyphics, Assyrian, Hittites, Romans…it was magnificent! And guess what? It snowed the day we arrived! We were on top of the citadel and these bits of white stuff started falling from the sky! Amazing!

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