Cappadocia Region, reminiscent of Star Wars!

Uçhisar, Turkey

We are staying in a cave in Uchisar, which is one of a number of small towns around The Goreme National Park. It is spectacular! The landscape is like nothing we have seen before, and around every corner there are more amazing views. Yesterday we were up at 4:30am (the alarm didn’t work, but the call to prayer was right on time!) and with hundreds of other people we went Hot Air Ballooning…really you cannot imagine what over 100 balloons taking off looks like…and trying to capture the sight in pictures doesn’t really do it justice! The day before we visited an underground city, which was used by the Christians to hide from the Romans. And really, if they didn’t use the area for Star Wars, they must have at least been inspired by it. Plenty of tracks to walk along through the valleys…Lionel and I were a little bit lost for a while and had to scramble up and down some very slippery rock faces. But we walked from Uchisar to Goreme and back again…feeling a bit worn out today!

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