Last day in Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey
We are flying out this evening and before we know it, we will have left the warm Summer days behind us…and landed back in Australia into the middle of Winter! So be it! Yesterday we walked through the Spice Market again, up the hill to Galata tower again, did a bit of shopping, visited the Art museum and went on a two hour cruise up the Bosphorus. It was sunny when we boarded the boat, so of course we sat outside. About an hour later, a storm broke, and everyone headed indoors…it was getting too wet and windy on deck! We arrived back and noticed all the tables set up for Ramadan. People gather to break their fast at dusk and it looks like the council supplies free meals for everyone…packaged…and there are a couple of thousand people! (Just for the first night evidently) Istanbul has been the perfect end to this fantastic journey. It is such a fascinating city, we could spend longer here, but it’s time to go home.

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