Sultanahmet, Istanbul (part 2)

Fatih, Turkey

The Grand Bazaar was very impressive and very easy to get lost in. Each time we came out a different gate, I’d consult the map to try and work out where we were! We didn’t buy anything! surprise! surprise! Sometimes too many choices make it too difficult…we are going to have another look around the fringe! Yesterday after we emerged from the bazaar, we started winding our way downhill towards the ferries…not really knowing where we were going just continued turning left then right! Through mazes of streets selling all sorts of paraphernalia…you just start wondering why we manufacture so many goods…surely the world is almost saturated with T shirts etc! I visited Topkapi Palace and the harem. It was amazing. Blue tiles, Islamic patterned balconies and ornately painted domed ceilings…so exquisite! Hard to capture in photos. We also went underground to look at a mosaic walkway and later a huge cistern. This city is full of wonders. Istanbul…Constantinople…Byzantium whatever name it has had…what an amazing history! Today is the first day of Ramazan (Ramadan)…big preparations have been underway this week.

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