Three days in a treehouse

Central Flacq, Mauritius

After a fairly quiet flight (the noisiest part was me reacting to scenes in “The Revenant”), we finally arrived in Mauritius. It was still about 28* at 7pm. We met Pasquale, who thankfully drove us out to Flacq in our car rental as it was dark and we would have definitely got lost! Our room is high in a tree and very rustic. There are huge snails here, which I managed to tread on in the dark and plenty of geckos, water dragons, dogs and assorted other creatures. Yesterday, and again today, we (well Lionel really) have driven all over the southern part of the island, thankfully on the left- hand side, following a very flimsy map and signs that are very easy to miss…with me navigating…aah! Surprisingly we managed without an argument! Tomorrow we are travelling to the north of the island, for a few days at the beach before the main adventure begins!

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