Looking for the elusive leopard

Malelane, South Africa

After two very long driving days, border crossings and taking a number of wrong turns on the road to our lodge, we were up at 5:30am this morning and on our way back to Johannesburg. But first, one last drive through Kruger, looking for a leopard. Within the first hour we had seen about 50 elephants, ten zebras, four rhinos, one sleeping lion, a crocodile, water buffalo, numerous Impalas, but sadly no leopard. One of our fellow travellers assured us we will find them in Botswana. We also spotted a solitary wildebeest, also known as a gnu…and considered one of the “ugly five” as opposed to the big five (lion,elephant,rhino,water buffalo and…leopard). We have really enjoyed travelling with the Europeans…I have learnt a few new words, increased my geographical knowledge and realised I don’t pay enough attention to economics in Australia! There were lots of questions I didn’t know the answer to… luckily Lionel could usually fill the gaps!

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