Casual touring in Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa

We have had a wonderful four days in the beautiful city of Cape Town. Our first day we caught the Red scenic bus and headed for the cableway to Table mountain. ” Wait” said the tourist operator, until you get there…and see what the conditions are when you arrive…well it was sunny and clear at the bottom of the cableway…but by the time we reached the top,it was drizzling, visibility was limited, because the clouds had come in etc etc! Well not to be deterred we soldiered on…trusty rain jacket (thanks Cousin Lyn) beanie and scarf we braved the conditions, until the sun decided to come out again! Those hop on hop off buses are fabulous! It gives you such a good overview of the city. Cape Town is gorgeous! We called in and met the lovely Louise, at Detour Africa, who had arranged all our travel details. We did a short harbour cruise, saw some very relaxed seals and walked back through town. Dinner at a delightful Italian restaurant, and planning to do it all again the next day on a different bus route… Which we did, and thinking it might be a good idea to walk a little bit instead of sitting on our bums, we headed for the next bus stop on the tour. Bad decision. The map was useless, and we ended up in a decidedly black township and then a dead end street. The locals must have wondered what two “whiteys” were doing wandering around their village! But everyone said hi and we just back-tracked to Hout Bay, where we had come from. (Luckily, because the next stop was 8 kilometres in a different direction! Disaster averted!)

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