Driving, biking, walking to the Cape of Good Hope

Cape Town, South Africa

We had the best day out today, on a tour with five young people. Two from Britain, one from Sweden, one from Mexico and one from Arkansas! Some just out of school and travelling in a gap year. We were collected this morning by the enthusiastic Pedro, and driven to Hout Bay for a boat ride out to an island covered in seals! Then on towards Cape National Park and a bike ride! We didn’t know about that! I don’t like gears! But I managed to ride 6km along the cape road…but that was enough…my bum was killing me! Lionel continued on for a further three, and just before the boys finished, a herd of Elands crossed the road in front of them. We also came across a number of baboons. Best avoided where possible! Pedro used his bicycle pump to scare them off. A walk along the beach and a climb up to the lighthouse completed that part of our trip. But the best was yet to come when we visited Boulder Beach and viewed the penguins. Cape Town is a beautiful city, we could spend longer here, but tomorrow we head towards Namibia. Very exciting!

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