Visiting a Himba Village, near Kamanjab

Outjo, Namibia

This morning we visited a heritage site with petrified wood, deposited during floods over 218 million years ago when Africa was part of Gondwana. The guide, Beverley, spoke beautiful, carefully enunciated English and also showed us the national plant of Namibia, which lives for over 200 years! Another bumpy drive to Kamanjab, where Himba people have been relocated from the north near Angola as part of a project to protect their traditional way of life. There are only six men, about twenty women and 39 children, some of whom are orphaned. It was a very humbling experience, and once again I realise just how many unnecessary possessions we own! We were invited to take photos and show them to the women and children. Our entrance fee helps the village survive, it also has a small school with two teachers…The women also make and sell bracelets and carvings. Their hairdos were amazing!

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