Listening to the hippos in South Luangwa NP

Chipata, Zambia

The last two nights have been spent in “permanent tents” overlooking the Luangwa River, which is full of hippos and crocodiles. What a fabulous place! The hippos bellow at all hours, they are so loud you feel like they are just outside the tent! And the crocs just sun themselves or float down the river…not much action, but happy just to watch the scene from our verandah, above the waterline! “Don’t go walking outside the camp!” Warned the manager…”people have been killed by elephants and last week there was a lion prowling about!” But the path to get to reception and wifi was along the river! I had visions of Lionel finding just an iPad laying in the bush after I had been dragged off by ?! We also had an evening game drive and saw three leopards, including one waiting to pounce! Off to Malawi next…Internet connections a bit slow if any! Aah Africa!

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