Trundling through Tanzania

Mikumi, Tanzania

Passing over the border from Malawi into Tanzania we noticed how lush the countryside was by comparison. We were driving through the Great Rift Valley, past tea plantations, rice fields, banana groves and of course the ever present maize. Prosper, our guide, was telling us how self sufficient the country is agriculturally. As well the many big tourist drawcards should be enough to make Tanzania a leading African nation… We stopped at a Baobab Forest yesterday. The trees are majestic, they grow up to 1,000 years old…I just wanted to capture every single one on the camera. I loved inspecting their intricate and amazing structure! In the afternoon we did another game drive and disturbed a sleeping lion. He wasn’t too bothered until the land rover moved way too close and he scooted off into the scrub.

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