Zapping over to Zanzibar

Mazizini, Tanzania

Arriving in Zanzibar by ferry, we drove to a northern beach “resort” for two relaxing days by the sea. A snorkelling trip on a dhow, to a neighbouring island, then bbq fish on the beach was a delightful way to spend the day! Swimming in the turquoise waters, drinking cocktails during happy hour and just enjoying the beautiful sunset all contributed to a memorable couple of days. Today, after a leisurely breakfast at Amaan Bungalows, we headed to the government spice farm, for a tour of the various spice plants and an explanation of their uses…very interesting! We have just finished a walking tour through Stone Town, an historic part of Zanzibar town. A sombre part of the tour was visiting the very cramped slave holding rooms in the basement of a government building, five minutes was claustrophobic enough! It is Ramadan, 95% of the population are Moslems, so we were asked not to drink, eat or smoke in public places as a sign of respect.

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