Leaving Uganda after cruising the Nile

Eldoret, Kenya

We left the lake and travelled back to Jinja, where it was drizzling and muddy underfoot. There were a variety of activities including whitewater rafting, quad biking, village walk, or a sunset “cruise” on the Nile. Lionel and I opted to have a swim and head out for a $30 (US) cruise, drinks supplied. We thought it would be similar to the cruise at Victoria Falls! Not quite!! The boat turned out to be a very dodgy narrow vessel, you couldn’t move once you were seated…and the esky had about ten beers and a few soft drinks…not quite the sunset drinks tour we were expecting! Anyway, we cruised on Lake Victoria, and headed to a sign that said ” source of the Nile” in the middle of a fast flowing piece of water, which was where the lake met the river, but certainly could not be called the source! However, we have now been on the Nile…which might be as close as we get to Egypt for a while!

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