Slowly, slowly through the Gobi

Sevrei, Mongolia

It is so dry, sparse and seemingly empty out here. But then your eyes search into the distance and there is an abundance of life, undetected at first glance. The gers dot the landscape. Their mostly white conical shapes are very noticeable against the desert hues, Then there are the dark spots, which turn into Bactrian camels on closer inspection! A variety of colours including blondies! There are also herds of goats, sheep, cattle and horses. How they survive in this harsh environment is beyond belief. We bought some rocks yesterday, from a woman along the roadside…$4 worth! It wasn’t the rocks that really enticed me, it was the thought of contributing a few dollars to her really tough lifestyle… We have climbed sand dunes, walked over ice fields, explored canyons and a monastery in ruins. We have experienced extreme heat, high winds, a sandstorm, very rough roads (tracks), rain and even snow! What a contrast. Tonight we are rugged up, in socks, long johns and extra blankets, sleeping in a ger by the river. The smell reminds me of the Royal Easter Show livestock pavilion! Bouncing along in the mini van for hours on end, just makes me really appreciate the beautiful coastal area where we live…water, water, everywhere…

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