Checking out the Chinggis Khan Complex

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Today we met our tour operator, who drove us out to visit the Chinggis ( not Ghenghis) Khan complex about an hour out of town. It is a huge stainless steel statue which has been built to honour the Mongol Empire. It was stunning! It is situated in the Mongolian Steppes at the place where Chinggis found his whip and where he held his first council about 800 years ago. There are only ten mounted warriors (sculptures) guarding him, but there are plans to construct a thousand…I could have a replica of my face on one of the horsemen for a mere $500! Meanwhile, back in town a graduation celebration was going on in the main square…we think it was University or college…but it could have been high school. Everyone looks so young these days! Tomorrow we start a fifteen day tour through Mongolia, so have no idea when the next post will appear…showers will also be few and far between!

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