Chilling by the lake

Hatgal, Mongolia

After another big day of driving over mountains and bumpy tracks, we arrived at Lake Khuvsgul, ready to enjoy some swimming, horseback riding and relaxing. Well, it’s officially the start of the Summer season here, but the lake is still well and truly frozen, so no swimming for us! We did manage a two hour horse ride along the shore today (that was quite long enough thankyou!) and we walked for over two hours this afternoon after Guntulkar produced a hearty Mongolian BBQ lunch for us. The ice looks so beautiful, the water, where it has melted is crystal clear and you can hear it breaking up. You can still see the tracks across the ice where cars, sleds and other vehicles have crossed. The yaks are amazing, so shaggy and solid. The goats and sheep mix with each other and wander all over the place. The forests remind me of “Dr Zhivago”. We are staying in a small cabin with a wood fire…in the evening it’s either too hot (or too cold if we let it die down!) But the days are lovely and warm, and it’s nice to be in the same place for a few days.

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