Ending the road trip in Erdenet

Erdenet, Mongolia

We have driven more than three thousand kilometres over the last two weeks, travelling south to the Gobi, then through the centre to Lake Khuvsgul in the north and onto Erdenet (second largest city) and finally back to Ulaanbaatar. Lots of sights and sounds along the way. What has really amazed me is the contrast between the traditional Nomad lifestyle, with Gers scattered across the countryside and the very modern cities and people also throughout the land. I think the 21st century (and technology) has reached out to most corners of our earth! Sad to tell you that travelpod is closing down in June. I am very disappointed, as it is a fabulous site and I found it very easy to use…and that’s saying something! I really wish they would change their mind…as I would love to keep using their very friendly site. So I will be attempting to set up another blog at chrisgodman.wordpress.com – give me a couple of days to get sorted and I will carry on with Kyrgyzstan, which is our next destination. In the meantime, here are a few more snaps of Mongolia.

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