Browsing around Bishkek, Capital of Kyrgyzstan

What a great flight and arrival in Bishkek on Turkish Airlines. Only about five passengers disembarked, the rest were in transit to Istanbul…so customs was very efficient and quick!

There are fountains and parks everywhere, it is a really pretty city. Lovely shady paths along the main streets, which are a welcome cover from the heat. We walked and walked today, looking for the Uzbekistan Embassy, only to discover it had moved and we needed to make an appointment for visas…well we worked around that and will just change our itinerary…no problem!

We also searched for the post office as Lionel had bought this bulky Mongolian coat ( which will be very cosy in winter), but it took up half his bag. We should have sent it from Mongolia, but thought it might be cheaper in Bishkek…haha…twice the price of the coat! But the skilful way the girl wrapped and taped it was worth the price. Lionel reckons it has a 50% chance of reaching home…I’m more optimistic!

3 thoughts on “Browsing around Bishkek, Capital of Kyrgyzstan

  1. Wow a great adventure and fantastic pics. I was going to use WordPress. But as we were coming home before Travelpod finished I didn’t go ahead. Looks good. Keep enjoying and would love to catch up when you finally get home. Had a hard day back at Moorland taking pics of the kids at their athletics carnival!


    • Tough day at the office! Haha! It will take me a while to get it right…you know how fussy I am with symmetry, alignment etc…can’t work out how to add captions…but I’ll get there!


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