Shivering at Song Kul (lake)

Well, we were waiting and waiting for some communication with our guide in Bishkek. We were due to start our tour on Sunday morning and hadn’t heard anything. When the hotel receptionist tried to call, the message was no such number! Alarm bells were starting…but as is often the case, things work themselves out!

Our guide arrived…he spoke good English…and off we went…

The road to Song Kul was spectacular. As we climbed higher, there was more ice, and some of the roads were slippery, very slippery! Driving through a section with ice walls on both sides of the car was exciting! We are in a Toyota station wagon…not a 4WD…and there were moments when we thought we were going to be well and truly stuck! But thankfully, our driver, Milan, managed to maneouvre the car through creeks, bogs and muddy tracks. The mountains ringing the lake are gorgeous, and with the imminent rain, low clouds and grey skies it was very atmospheric.

Dinner was also impressive, felt like a banquet with the silver tablecloth! It was cold, but we had so many quilt covers, that once you got into bed it was toasty!

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