Climbing the mountains (just the hills really) around Tash Rabat

As soon as I saw Tash Rabat in a photo, I knew we had to get there. It was a caravanserais on the old silk route from China, as well as a monastery at some stage. Driving through the mountain pass, and arriving at the yurt camp nearby was just wonderful. We watched the goats clambering over the foothills and tried to do the same…every step needed concentration, but the view from above was splendid. I just can’t get enough of these mountains! Covered in snow and it’s Summertime. We watched a couple parasail off the opposite hillside, saw the moon rising at 9pm ( still daylight) and chatted with a friendly Singaporean and a French couple over dinner. I still can’t believe we are here!

The building has been partly restored, and there are ” skylights” in each small room. I can just imagine traders or monks bedding down for the night in the tiny cells. The main domed room would have been the eating and chatting area (I think)…loved it!

Tash Rabat #1
Tash Rabat #2

Air vents or skylights, Tash Rabat
Tash Rabat #3
Road from Song Kul

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