Wandering around Kochkor and Bokonbaevo

We arrived in a wet and windy town, called Kochkor and stayed at a very comfortable little hotel. We were happy as there were hot showers and flushing toilets…a welcome change! As well as wifi. Walked around town and went to the local museum, where everything was written in Russian, but its surprising what you can interpret from images!

Next stop was a salt mine. It looked abandoned, and was very muddy…you know, the sort that clings to your shoes! So we said don’t worry about it…thinking we were just going to look inside a shaft…but Kubat was determined and went off to search for the guide, who was having lunch. Well it turns out it is like an underground health spa for people with breathing problems. They stay at the resort down the road during the day, and then, after dinner check in to the underground, very sparsely furnished bedrooms. (They can also watch TV before retiring for the night!)

A quick lunch of borscht, then off to Dead Lake, a saltwater lake right next to freshwater Issyk Kul. Lionel and the boys went for a swim…a bit too cool for me. We were supposed to stay in a yurt, but they hadn’t set up for the Summer season, so we headed into Bokonbaevo to Adilet’s homestay. Lovely!

Today we climbed a small mountain, for a stunning view of the lake. That was after visiting a champion trainer and his eagles at his home and wandering around the shops looking for interesting vests!

Wall Hanging showing the states of the former USSR
Lenin, Lenin everywhere
Former Salt Mine
Underground accomodation
Not quite ready for the Summer season
War memorial in Bokonbaevo
It took a while, but worth the view

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