Losing our Visa card! And singing Sound of Music.

One of the worst things that can happen to travellers is losing their source of finances! We had spent the morning at Juuku Springs, soaking in thermal pools…well I did anyway! When we arrived in a small town for lunch, we decided to withdraw some cash at the ATM as the visa sign was displayed. It kept Lionel’s card! OMG! Anyway, our guide Kubat read the message about who to ring, and after about five phone calls, contacted someone who said she would come out on Monday (it was Saturday!) Kubat told them we were foreigners and wouldn’t be in the area…he was going to ring the embassy! And an hour later, a lady was there, with Lionel’s card. Surprise, surprise! We were so impressed!

We think we had horse for lunch today! It was such a big chunk of meat! (And yak for dinner)

In the afternoon we headed for Jeti-Oguz (Seven bulls) and later drove up into the mountains to the Summer pastures…”the hills are alive”. Slept in a yurt again, so many blankets, we definitely weren’t cold, but the mat was fairly thin and the ground was fairly hard! A few aches and pains this morning! (I must be getting old!)

Portable beehives
Hot water urn with built in fire
The breakfast room
One yurt for us, and the other for everyone else, 10+ people!
Orthodox Church, Karakol

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