Clambering up and down at Fairytale Canyon and Barskoon Waterfall

We spent the morning wandering around Fairytale Canyon, a very colourful place with wonderful rock formations not far from Bokonbaevo. We didn’t feel the need to pose on the highest peaks, nor climb precariously up steep slopes for a perfect selfie, but the patterns and colours in nature are just beautiful and well worth a visit. A dog wandered around with us, magpies kept swooping at him, but he didn’t care. Lionel and Kubat also had a go at archery…this young man had set up a yurt for the Summer and had an official guide tag.

We also stopped at an abandoned resort, which had some lovely designs on the front walls. Evidently a very rich businessman built it, but fled the country after the 2010 revolution…seems a shame no one has done anything with it!

Next stop was Barskoon Waterfall, quite small, but in a fantastic setting amidst snow-covered mountains. There were also two large head sculptures of Yuri Gagarin nearby.

Last activity for the day was a swim in Lake Issyk. A bit cool for me, but Lionel said it wasn’t as cold as the Black Sea in Turkey!

Some of the patterns at the abandoned resort
Wasn’t quite a bullseye, but close!
Barskoon Waterfall, the smaller one!
Yuri Gagarin, near the end of the waterfall
Fairytale Canyon
Bird swooping on dog in the canyon

2 thoughts on “Clambering up and down at Fairytale Canyon and Barskoon Waterfall

  1. Thanks Sue, you can imagine what a challenge it is for me starting something different technology-wise…but each entry is improving…still lots to learn and I want to add a map!


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