Boiling in Bukhara

Did I mention that it was hot?? Bukhara was a major city on the Silk Road. Much of the old town has been restored and everywhere you look there are reminders of it’s ancient past. There are so many beautiful creations in the architecture and the variety of craftwork. Embroidery is delicate and detailed. The old town is amazing! But it gets so hot in the middle of the day that we can only cope with walking about in the morning or late afternoon. Today 47 degrees was predicted…I think that was in the shade!

Beck has taken us to a fabulous variety of places. Mosques, medressas, minarets and bazaars. The buildings are magnificent, the designs and patterns on the facades are very intricate. It really brings Art History to life! Today we visited the palace of the last Emir. It reminded me so much of scenes from Dr Zhivago! I was ecstatic!

Char Minar

The Ark, Bukhara’s oldest structure
Lionel with the lions
Breakfast room?
Verandah at the palace
Happy figurines
Kalon Minaret

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