Saving the best til last! Khiva (UNESCO City)

After a very long drive through the desert we finally arrived in Xiva (Khiva). We thought Bukhara and Samarqand were wonderful, but in Khiva the whole old city is a UNESCO site! One entry ticket gets you into about 17 different buildings. It was a feast for the eyes!

Once again the heat in the middle of the day drove us inside, and unfortunately even the aircon could not cope very well with the 48* heat! So we sort of went comatose for a few hours each day! Beck has been a wonderful guide. He is a proud, passionate historian and we loved the enthusiasm with which he told us tales of ancient times. The moon was full, the bazaars were pumping, the beer was cold and around every corner there was a new wonder to behold!

I just cannot imagine taking two weeks overland to reach Khiva from Bukhara, through the desert…but that’s how long it took the caravans along one of the many silk roads!

Terrassa Cafe, Khiva
Terrassa Cafe, Home of the 50cm shaslik

The tiles are just gorgeous!

It’s getting hot out here!
Shops under the square
Stairs down to the water

Beautiful decorated poles in the mosque

Wheel tracks on the old road through the city

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