Poking around Penjikent (Panjikant)

Our driver dropped us in the laneway at the Umariyon Hotel, and we were greeted warmly by a young man who spoke some English and had a translator app on his phone. Lionel wasn’t feeling very well, so we spent the afternoon and evening quietly in our very comfortable room, TV, aircon, bath, teapot and fridge included. Excellent.

Yesterday we went in search of Ancient Penjikent, following our guide book we think we stumbled over it, but, as we couldn’t find any signs, we just had to rely on locals pointing! We walked along the canal for a while, but that didn’t seem to be going anywhere! I didn’t want to turn around, so we just kept walking and ended up back in town two hours later.

Better luck in the afternoon as we headed out to the museum and then down to the river and bridge. Lionel still didn’t feel like eating, so we just had bread and tomatoes for dinner. There is a supermarket downstairs and choc-coated ice creams are less than 50 cents!

View from the bridge
Chatting to a fisherman
Bridge over the Zeravshan River

The tomatoes are very tasty, and we had dark brown bread which was a nice change. The people we have met are so friendly, the hotel staff treat us like royalty and can’t do enough to help us. We finally had a meal out tonight, our usual fare…shaslik and salad! So simple but so delicious.

Enough satellite dishes?
Our hotel and supermarket
Golden Lenin
Museum ceiling
Very colourful and practical!
Public tap

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