Taking the Toyota to Haft-Kul

Today we visited Haft-Kul which means seven lakes. Our driver in his trusty Toyota drove out of town and along bumpy, potholed roads up through winding mountain trails, through villages perched precariously on the hillsides, and continually upwards towards the lakes. How spectacular! Maybe it’s because we don’t have such imposing peaks in Australia, but the Fan Mountains are absolutely beautiful. The colours on the rocky slopes vary from deep clay red to dusty grey; and then suddenly you will see a patch of irrigated farmland in some very remote location.

The lakes stretch out along a 20km chain. As we reached each one the wow factor increased! The colour of the water is turquoise or deep blue. The highest lake is 160 metres deep. There are huge boulders between each lake and the water cascades over them. It’s magnificent! The road along the lakes is very narrow in parts, and passing other vehicles is a bit hairy. Even just looking over the side is scary, there are no guard-rails, and at one stage I was planning my emergency exit as we seemed to be too close to the edge!

Backyard view
Village house
One of many footbridges
Plenty of beasts of burden
Lionel by the lake
Just gorgeous
Crystal clear waters
The donkeys work hard!
Through one of the passes

2 thoughts on “Taking the Toyota to Haft-Kul

    • Oh yes! I was thinking you and your northern adventures as we drove through streams, over rocks and along the edge of the lakes. I’m just not brave enough for rugged terrain! Haha


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