Exploring Old Kashgar 1.8.17

Now Kashgar has been on my list of Silk Road destinations for a very long time. Sadly that also means that the Kashgar of my imagination does not quite fit with the city of over 2 million people! But we are staying in the Sultan hotel, very close to the old city walls, which means I can get a glimpse of what use to be!
The night market was amazing! Goats Head Soup seemed abundant, as did tripe and other exciting meats! In the square there were all manner of rides ~ Yaks, camels, horses and goats. Plenty of hawkers selling toys, balloons and popcorn. One young family wanted to give us a balloon that said “I love you” we settled for a group photo!

Today, being Sunday we headed for the livestock market. It certainly was bustling. Not many horse and carts anymore, but the modern day equivalent…motorbike trucks, hundreds of them plying the road to the market. Live animals as well as carcasses were for sale, and a smattering of jewellery, scarves, shoes etc. ( There is also a Grand Bazaar which we will tackle tomorrow).

I loved the shearing…with scissors. Didn’t like that the poor live goats were very close to the hanging meat! What must they be thinking!

We have walked all over the old city; to the bazaar, along the old walls, past the crumbling houses, the locked park and the local museum ( which happily had English explanations), and in between times have watched the police and military stopping all traffic to march along the main roads. Eating noodles and spicy Uighur food, by pointing to pictures or meals that others are eating; paying only $4 for a meal with a pot of tea and enjoying this vibrant town, that has been a bustling city for centuries, I love it!

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