Enjoying Jiayuguan

The reason we stopped here was to see the Great Wall in the west, along what is known as the Hexi Corridor. It’s still surrounded by desert. We caught the train from Dunhuang and were in “hard seat class” it took a while and there wasn’t much conversation with our fellow travellers.

It certainly didn’t disappoint! Although much of Jiayuguan Fortress has been rebuilt, it still gives you a wonderful sense of the historical significance of this place.

The Fortress is really close to the city, we caught a bus there and back which cost us one yuan each way! Being over 60, I paid the pensioner rate to enter the complex! Without even asking…there were hundreds of people wandering the ramparts, but it didn’t feel too crowded. There was an excellent photo exhibition which showed past and present photos of various parts of the wall. Each area is different, depending on available local materials and designs.

We walked to the night market for dinner, we ordered noodles and a plate that looked like beef. The noodles were eaten and we were still waiting for the second dish…thankfully it didn’t arrive…it was chicken innards! (Another customer said I don’t think you will like this one!) they must have guessed we wouldn’t, so just didn’t cook it! Or something like that.

PS Last night we went to a restaurant, thinking the picture menu and our Point it app would get us what we wanted…almost! We did have lamb, but it was Kidneys! Tasted nice BBQ’d!

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