Patan and Bhaktapur

On Friday we met Rabin, Barb’s friend from a previous visit. He kindly offered to drive us around to see some of the wonderful old heritage sites. Our first stop was Swayambhunath (The Monkey Temple). What an amazing place, and what a fabulous view of Kathmandu.

Our next stop was Patan, which had its own Durbar Square. It reminded me of old Kathmandu (from the seventies)…Lots of reconstruction going on, workers are using age old methods to repair the glorious stupas and buildings. We could have spent days there, wandering the narrow streets and browsing in the many shops. A number of women selling jewellery waited patiently downstairs while we ate Kwazi Soup (tasty) in the rooftop cafe. Sadly for them we didn’t buy anything!Bhaktapur was our third stop, and my favourite. It really did feel like I had stepped back in time…

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