The flight from Kathmandu to Paro took us past Mount Everest, Kailash and Kanchenjunga. Wow! The summits rose above the clouds, and it was glorious.

Arriving in Paro, we met our fellow teachers. There are 8 of us; 3 from Australia, two from the USA, one from the UK, Canada and Poland. A very diverse group of women!

Driving from Paro we stopped at a swinging bridge (I love swinging bridges!)

Thimphu is the capital, but there isn’t an airport here. The traffic is not too bad, as there are only just over 700,000 people in all of Bhutan. It is monsoon season, so it rains most afternoons.

We have spent the day shopping for a traditional outfit for wearing to school. Being a traditionally built woman, more African style than Bhutanese it has been a challenge! I am having a top made. (Because none of the ones I tried fitted comfortably). For those who understand my ocd, the colours had to be just so…and the materials had to be breathable! I will post a pic when I am in full traditional attire.

9 thoughts on “Thimphu

  1. Can’t waut to see you wearing the traditional uniform. The colours in the material shop are amazing. Flying past Mt.Everest would have been a wonderful experience


    • Ha, it’s moments like these I wish I was thinner! It was an experience buying the Kira (wrap around skirt) I had to exchange the first one! No dressing rooms so I was trying it over my clothes in the shop. The assistants breathed a sigh of relief when I found one to sort of fit!


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