Sunday driving with Leki and Tshering

Yesterday two of our lovely teachers took us for a drive to Jakar. Our first stop was Pemacholing Nunnery. It was fabulous. They are building a new temple and the construction is amazing.

Their daughter Jetsun, who is only three years old is already a whizz on the device! She was singing Old MacDonald had a farm by following a YouTube clip when we arrived at their home in time for breakfast.

After the Nunnery we visited “The temple close to Paradise”. It was absolutely beautiful and in a perfect setting higher in the mountains. The decorations are so intricate. We were able to climb the narrow steep stairs and get a fantastic view of the surrounding countryside.

It even seemed like the right time to try a yoga pose or two.

We stopped in a field by the side of the road and had a lovely lunch that Tshering and Leki had prepared for us. Instead of seagulls we had plenty of crows hanging around, waiting for a few morsels of rice.

We drove on into Jakar and stopped to gather the holiest water in Bhutan from a fountain in the rocks. The Bhutanese believe the water has very special healing powers. Sometimes they wait for hours to collect the water.

Before we hit the town for some grocery shopping we watched the archers and dart players participating in various competitions. It was an excellent day out, Leki and Tshering (and Jetsun) were wonderful guides.

5 thoughts on “Sunday driving with Leki and Tshering

  1. Hi Chris
    Looks absolutely beatiful. Love the photo of Levi and Tshering with their daughter and the amazing landscape in the background.
    You look very happy (content !!!!) and well which is all we can really hope for.
    Ruth x


    • I’m feeling fabulous! The air is thinner and sometimes I get a bit breathless going up the stairs, but not too bad! When we get back to Paro, I am going to ride a horse as far as possible up to Tigers Nest…I don’t think I would make it otherwise!


      • Have a big smile on my face…your enthusiasm for life is just great. …you seem to be fitting a lot of living into each day.


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