Saturday in Tang

On Friday night Barb and I went to the hotel for dinner. we had invited two of the staff along as we had been to Karma’s house for dinner and Jamyung’s for the birthday party. It was an enjoyable evening, we shouted dinner and drinks. The total was $20…it fed seven of us, as a couple of the other teachers drifted in to chat with us. The teachers football team also came after practise, they had a match on Saturday against the monks from Jakar. Below I’m in the stands, waiting for the game to start.

You should have seen the field! Not a manicured pitch as westerners would expect… this was much tougher…the ground was uneven and the grass was quite long!

We left at half time and wandered down to the bridge…

The houses, gardens and fields all look so lush. The ground is very muddy and rutted with tyre tracks. This is summer, I can’t imagine winter.

Saturday is washing day at school…clothes and bodies. Year Three and above wash their own clothes.

Saturday evening we were invited to a Baby Shower. Just about everyone in town was there. Four babies have been born in the last month or so, so that was definitely a reason to celebrate. Plenty of food and drink provided, the local rice wine was very very strong, I only managed a sip or two! After the meal and speeches, some of the teachers started dancing. It is beautifully rhythmic as I have mentioned, and this time Barb and I were invited to join in…we put our own little twists and twirls into it! Phones were taking pics, but I don’t have any so you’ll have to take my word for it! It was a great night, and once again we were guests of honour, along with the local Lama!

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