Teaching at Tang Central#1

It has been an amazing experience spending the past three weeks in various classes at Tang Central. There are more than 500 children at the school, ranging in age from six to sixteen (approximately) most of whom are boarders. They are so polite! Whenever we walk past the kids they bow and greet us with “Good morning Madame”. I feel very special.

We have assembly every morning, then seven periods of approximately an hour each. We start at 8:30am (after a ten minute cleanup) and end just before 4pm…the little kids end their day a bit earlier. It’s a long day, and then the kids have various activities and a study period before dinner. The older kids are up very very early to go for a half hour jog before their day begins in earnest. I can’t imagine what it must be like in winter time..brrr!

Barb and I have been working in the library during our free periods. Barb has been levelling readers and I have been helping the library assistants Jamyang and Sonam to rearrange the library to make it easier to find books. I love it!

We have also worked with the senior students, who often come and ask for assistance with grammar, pronunciation and editing their work. It is a challenging curriculum, the textbooks are quite difficult for the students, but they are very keen to learn and we are encouraging them to ask lots of questions.

I have bought some books about Australian animals and they are very interested in knowing about them. They have also asked questions about uniforms, subjects I taught and numerous other things. It has been wonderful to share information with them.

8 thoughts on “Teaching at Tang Central#1

  1. Love love love the photo of you with the little kids! What an incredible experience! Just finished my stint with the Japanese students. Definitely not as rewarding!!


    • They are like sponges, and copy every move I make while reading to them. It’s been wonderful, but I’m starting to feel a little tired! Well we did completely reorganise the library last week!


  2. Sounds like it might be time for a break…perhaps a bit of basket weaving or some french knitting.
    😁 You look very happy in the photos with the kids.


    • French knitting has been a big hit with the kids, they are wrapping it like scarves. We bought extra wool in Chamkhar and have been busy at lunchtime and after school with enthusiastic crafters!


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