Reorganising the school library

There were so many donated books at the Tang Central School library, that the shelves were overflowing. Jamyang and Sonam had done their best to organise the shelves without library training to guide them. So when Barb and I arrived, she was keen to level the books that could be used as readers, and I was keen to organise and relabel the shelves. You can imagine I was in my element!

It only took us two weeks, and teaching staff popped in during the day to help with the labels (masking tape cut to size)…no book ends so we used lucky stones from the river. New flouro signs went up and we were set! Very proud of our efforts, and we hope the kids can now find the books they are interested in!

2 thoughts on “Reorganising the school library

  1. Brilliant Chris… think your passion for reading and books and those finely honed skills or organisation could be used on the other side of the world….it seems no matter where you travel there is always a place for you.


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