Wandering around at lunch time

We have an hour for lunch and sometimes we go home. We are only a few houses along from the school and it’s nice to have a break. But some days we stay and visit different parts of the school. The teachers and children have been surprised to see me eat raw tomatoes at lunch time. They mainly cook them.

The kitchen staff are amazing! They manage to feed over 500 children at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their kitchen facilities are far from modern! The kids line up with their own plates and cups. A teacher is rostered to supervise and the line moves slowly past the huge cauldrons.

Meanwhile in the kitchen…

We also visited the pre school attached to the school, but in a separate building. Many of the children belong to the teachers. The other day we were mobbed by the little ones, they were so excited to see us and wanted to touch the camera, the iPad, my lunch, my kira. They tugged at my arms and of course wanted to see themselves in photos.

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