Craft craze…everyone is keen to do it

Barb asked me before we left Australia if I had any wool! Haha what an understatement! So we vacuum packed a whole lot of bright acrylic and brought it with us. Originally planning to make pom poms, we couldn’t seem to get them tight enough and bits of wool started appearing all over the school. I had asked Lionel to cut some tubes for French Knitting and these proved a hit. I only had four to start with, but the kids kept bringing me toilet tubes and paddle pop sticks to make more.

We bought more wool in Chamkhar, hanks of it and rolled them into small balls to distribute. Lots of variegated colours so they went first, everyone in 4, 5 and 6 made them and lots of the high school kids too.

My friend Karen had also shown me how to make friendship bands so we made lots of them too. We used yogurt lids for the weaving circles, a ball of cotton goes a long way!

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